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Can I reserve equipment?

Yes, you may call in to the store to make an equipment reservation.


Is there a reservation cancellation fee?

No.  There is no fee to cancel a reservation.  However, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice as a courtesy in case we have someone else wanting to rent that piece of equipment. 


Do I need a certificate of insurance?

We do require a certificate of insurance on our larger equipment, usually those that weigh over 10,000lbs.  You can obtain this by calling your insurance agency and asking for a certificate of insurance. 

Do you sell your equipment?

Yes, from time to time, we do sell our equipment.  All equipment that is for sale is listed on our website on the used equipment page. 


What forms of payments do you accept? 

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.


Is a deposit required for rental?

No, no deposit is required.  Rental payment is due up front. 

When does my rental start?

The rental period starts when the equipment is received by the customer.

How long is a rental period?

The rental duration's are as follows:

1 Day = 24 hours; 8 hours on machine
1 Week = 7 calendar days; 40 hours on machine
1 Month = 28 calendar days

Does the equipment need to be re-fuled upon return?

Yes; all equipment is sent out full of fuel and should be returned full.  If the equipment is not returned full, there will be a charge for the amount used. 

Can I drop-off equipment after hours?

No.  Equipment can only be returned during business hours.  This is for safety and security reasons.  Customers are responsible for all equipment until it is checked-in.  

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